"ANC without opposition equals Zimbabwe" poster infantile - ANC

Party accuses DP of wanting to roll back gains people of SA and Zimbabwe fought for and achieved ( 30 May 2000)


30 May 2000

The Democratic Party's rabid concern over the ANC's growing strength, as stated in their latest campaign slogan: "ANC without opposition equals Zimbabwe," is a product and manifestation of the party's deep-seated infantile political disorder, threadbare in the extreme.

The DP claims it wants to be a strong opposition. The truth of the matter is that the DP wants to be the governing party in order to roll back the gains the people of South Africa and Zimbabwe have fought for, and achieved.

It should not be surprising for the DP to take such a stand, considering that those who fought to achieve those gains were up against the apartheid regime which was buttressed by the South African Defence Force, that had some of the current DP leaders as active soldiers.

While the DP claims that ANC without opposition equals Zimbabwe what they conveniently fail to say is that DP in government equals Rhodesia. The schizophrenic behaviour of the DP in their support of white farmers in Zimbabbwe, to the exclusion of everyone else, can be equated to that of a child burning down a house in order to live in it.

The public must be warned against the antics of neo-colonial parties and individuals hiding behind the veil of democratic concepts that they have never believed in nor practiced.

DP or no DP, the ANC is determined to forge ahead and create conditions for peace and stability in South Africa, Zimbabwe and, indeed, the whole of Africa. We invite all honest and peace-loving South Africans to join us in this sacred path through the African century. The DP minus tantrums is also invited.

Statement issued by Nat Serache, Media Liaison Officer, African National Congress, 30 May 2000