Fikile Mbalula's letter to World Cup 2010 LOC members

Sports minister says no comments should be made to media on this matter, govt will deal with it


1 June 2015

Former LOC Member

Dear Sir

Re: Allegations that the Government of South Africa has paid bribe to secure the rights to host the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup

Your apology for not being able to attend the meeting was noted, informed by developments and deliberations at the meeting, we had thought it prudent to inform those who apologized of the outcomes of the meeting.

This is done to ensure that the view and position of the government of the Republic of South Africa on the alleged bribery is neither diluted nor compromised by those who may think that they are obliged to respond to media enquiries on the matter.

This matter has a direct bearing on the reputation and good standing of the Republic and its citizens globally. Our major concern is that any individual utterances and/or comments by former members of the LOC members could be detrimental and compromise the image of the-Republic and hamper the processes that the government of the Republic of South Africa is currently engaged in related to this matter.

It is against this background that the meeting resolved that all former members of the LOC and any citizens of the Republic should desist from making comments to the media related to this matter and afford the government an opportunity to deal with this matter through the diplomatic channels led by the Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa.

We hereby direct that those who wish to provide any information that they may have in their possession should provide same to the Ministry and Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa.

Those approached for comments should therefore direct all enquiries to the Ministry of Sport and Recreation SA.

Should you need clarity on this communique, please do not hesitate to speak to the Minister of Sport and Recreation SA, Hon.F. A. Mbalula.

Kind regards,

F.A. Mbalula MP

Minister of Sport and Recreation Republic of South Africa

Source: Mail & Guardian