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Agency takes SA to global EC market • Buckland exits Creative Spark • Indy Newspapers = ‘disgusting’ • PRISM winners

Agency takes SA products to global EC market

by Herman Manson. The incredible uptake of ecommerce means we need to find new, relevant ways of developing brands — as Michael van den Heerik is doing through Web Wiser.

Buckland exits Creative Spark, M&C Saatchi Group

by Herman Manson. Matthew Buckland has exited Creative Spark, the digital agency he launched, and taken its news and media division, Burn Media, with him.

Young, Gifted & Killing It: Thithi Nteta

by Veli Ngubane. Thithi Nteta sits on exco at FCB Joburg. Read more about her views on the global challenge around gender diversity and her approach to leadership.

Disgusting’ sums up Indy Newspapers

by Herman Manson. Nobody really thought this month could get any worse for the South African media industry. But Independent Newspapers upped the ante on Friday, 20 April 2018, and SANEF went on the warpath.

Decoding the Business Day Lamberti editorial (we tried)

by Herman Manson. On Thursday, 19 April 2018, the latest to cause outrage was Business Day, which had just run an editorial headlined "EDITORIAL: Don’t fire the messenger."

South African media tarnishing own reputation

by Herman Manson. We collate some public reaction on the retractions, misogyny and what appears to be personal vendettas. It's been a shameful couple of weeks.

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