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Michael Kahn on the long march through the state of neo-patrimonial traditionalists
Charles Simkins says the committee discussion of diagnostic report on SA was excruciating
Anton van Dalsen says SOE's annual report recognises that operational cash flow is insufficient to service debt
Charles Simkins on whether the ground can be prepared for economic recovery in this politically unstable environment
Jade Weiner writes on the impeachment of judges in the light of the Nkola Motata case
In three part series Charles Collocott looks at conceptual framework, rationales and problems of this kind of tax
Jade Weiner writes that negative publicity has been a great cause of concern for train users and for the public in recent times
Terence Corrigan says in a fractured society such as ours we should be careful how we report and write
Charles Simkins says disruption of patrimonial relationships essential to heading of a downgrade
Charles Simkins considers the extent to which quantitative modelling can help us think about the system's future
Chelsea Ramsden writes that if integrity of judiciary is to be preserved it is important the executive and legislature start acting with transparency
Chelsea Ramsden writes that ultimately, a 'progressive judiciary' has not been given any clear meaning by the ANC
Michelle Toxopeus writes that with a few exceptions, achieving gender parity in courts is a universal problem