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John Kane-Berman says the white govt's response to the communist threat is a lesson in how not to do it
John Kane-Berman says for far to long the ANC has succeeded in bullying its opponents
Frans Cronje says it is frightening that many of our politicians would like to emulate what the late dictator did to his country
John Kane-Berman says Trump's victory represented a profound rejection of celebrity political endorsements
John Kane-Berman says the prosecution service long ago squandered its moral authority
John Kane-Berman says calling the police back onto the Wits campus is high risk, but it may be necessary
Sara Gon says the day is just an opportunity for the ANCWL , of all bodies, to pontificate about ‘respect and dignity’
Institute says there are more urgent problems that need to be dealt with, and better interventions that could be pursued on this matter
John Kane-Berman says 3 August election results are a repudiation of those who seek to polarise SA on racial lines
Louis van der Merwe says that what matters most in the ecology of learning is expanding the competency of teachers
Sara Gon says that here, as in the West, incivility kills off rational debate and discussion
Institute warns Treasury's draft Preferential Procurement Regulations of 2016 will do nothing but damage the national interest
Sara Gon on the GDE, EE and the Dikgang Moseneke's dangerously outmoded view of the 'Model C' school system
Frans Cronjé says the ANC govt must change its trajectory, if it is not to lose its democratic mandate
Anthea Jeffery says that while people buy into ANC propaganda in the abstract, they are more pragmatic in the particular
Phumlani M. UMajozi responds to the Star columnist’s nonsensical attack on the DA Mayoral Candidate for Joburg
Sara Gon says the term has come to refer to a kind of immutable uncorrectable incompetence
Sara Gon says the term has become a method of attack and insult in contemporary SA politics
Sara Gon writes on Nzimande and the SACP's regular attacks on the concept
Sara Gon writes on the inequality myth in South African politics
Andrew Kenny argues that man-made climate change from rising CO2 is not a threat at all
Sara Gon on the problem of the abuse of patients at public hospitals
Paul Pereira says the party's efforts to mirror the ANC are potential ruinous for itself and SA