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Gwen Ngwenya says the defeat of the motion of no confidence can't be spun any other way
John Kane-Berman questions whether economic inequality leads to unrest and instability, or worse
John Kane-Berman notes that hundreds of millions of people have been able to work their way out of poverty
John Kane-Berman says Flemming Rose has now been heard in SA, thanks to the IRR
Hermann Giliomee reviews John Kane-Berman's book, "Between Two Fires: Holding the Liberal Centre in SA Politics"
John Kane-Berman says getting rid of Zuma a necessary but not sufficient condition for reversing SA's downward slide
Rian Malan writes on the extraordinary economic contribution these communities are making to SA
Rian Malan writes on the cycle of conquest and humiliation, and the process of coming to terms with the past
Frans Cronje says flashes of common sense bring out the contradictions in the party’s latest policy papers
John Kane-Berman on the new Preferential Procurement Regulations that will come into operation on April 1st
John Kane-Berman says the white govt's response to the communist threat is a lesson in how not to do it
John Kane-Berman says for far to long the ANC has succeeded in bullying its opponents
Frans Cronje says it is frightening that many of our politicians would like to emulate what the late dictator did to his country
John Kane-Berman says Trump's victory represented a profound rejection of celebrity political endorsements
John Kane-Berman says the prosecution service long ago squandered its moral authority
John Kane-Berman says calling the police back onto the Wits campus is high risk, but it may be necessary
Sara Gon says the day is just an opportunity for the ANCWL , of all bodies, to pontificate about ‘respect and dignity’
Institute says there are more urgent problems that need to be dealt with, and better interventions that could be pursued on this matter
John Kane-Berman says 3 August election results are a repudiation of those who seek to polarise SA on racial lines
Louis van der Merwe says that what matters most in the ecology of learning is expanding the competency of teachers