Black journalists treated like 'disposable nappies' - Piet Rampedi

FJT President tells protest outside Citizen's offices in support of Steve Motale that mainstream media can't be trusted

Black journalists treated like 'disposable nappies' - Rampedi

Johannesburg – The Citizen newspaper treats black journalists like disposable nappies, a protest in support of its suspended editor heard on Wednesday.

“They feel that black journalist should be treated like disposable nappies, nannies and garden boys,” Forum of Journalists for Transformation president and former Sunday Times journalist, Piet Rampedi, said.

A handful of people representing the forum, the Communication Workers’ Union, Patriotic Alliance, Black First Land First, Cosatu and other unions protested at the Citizen newspaper in support of the paper's suspended editor Steve Motale.

They sang songs and held placards that read: “We want journalism and not racism" and "Stop advertising in racist media”.

“Let's open our eyes and stop being spectators, we should never trust the mainstream media as the truth, they have their masters to serve,” he told the crowd.

“It doesn't matter if you suspend us, we will not back down."

Motale was suspended three weeks ago. He was not the event.

"In times like these, I am very happy. It has been a tough time for me and any form of support is appreciated," Motale told News24.

He could not comment on the reasons for his suspension, until after disciplinary proceedings had run their course.

This article first appeared on News24