Malema undermining women's capabilities - ANCWL

League reacts to EFF leader's comments that Zuma wants Nkosazana to be next ANC President

26 December 2016


The African National Congress Women' s league (ANCWL) has noted the remarks by Julius Malema that the President of the African National Congress (ANC) Cde Jacob Zuma wants Cde Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to be the next ANC President. 

The  allegation that President Zuma wants Cde Nkosazana to be at the helm of leadership in the ANC is to portray Cde Nkosazana as nothing else but a person who is at the mercy of President Zuma with no capacity to lead. This reduces women to be living under the shadows of males and in dire need of blessings from males to ascend to positions of power. 

Through this narrative, Julius has displayed the highest level in undermining women's capabilities to lead in society. His comments can be interpreted as views from patriarchist of high note who doesn't believe in women to be political leaders. His utterences are worrisome more so from a Member of Parliament (MP) in our country. The Parliament of South Africa cannot harbour a patriarchist and also succeed in contributing towards building a non-sexist society. 

The political smear campaign against Her Nkosazana stamds to discredit her as a leader. Furthermore, it is about negatively portraying any woman leader who has potential of leading a political organisation as nothing but a stooge at the behest of male(s). The  demagoguery, opportunistic political grandstanding by Julius is aimed at casting aspersions against Cde Nkosazana. 

Like any member of the ANC in good standing, nothing prohibits Cde Nkosazana  to be elected to serve in any structure of our movement. She is a tried and tested cadre of the movement who is currently serving as a member of the ANC NEC and ANCWL NEC. She is the first woman to be at the helm of the African Union. She has served exceptionally well in various portfolios in the cabinet of the ANC led government from 1994 to 2012. Cde Nkosazana, a medical doctor by profession has received honorary doctorates from University of Natal (1995), University of Bristol (1996),  Sefako Makgatho University- Formerly known as MEDUNSA (2013), University of Rome (2013), University of Fort Hare (2014) and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (2014). 

Members of thr ANC through branches will select a President to lead the ANC at the 54th National Elective Conference. No mandate will be derived from members of any political parties worse from a member of a political party which is currently in coalition with the neo-liberal DA which is well-known for being a harbouring a nest of white racists and is a passionate hater of the late El Commandent of Cuba Fidel Castro. Lately the federal leader of DA Helen Zille’s has been tweeting racists remarks and Julius as coalition partner and shadow federal leader of DA Mmusi failed to condemn her. 

Julius's bitterness is based on his expulsion from the ANC and its evident every time he is given a microphone. His bitterness has driven him to take all the EFF votes and put DA in power. His politics revolve around President Zuma, and he will soon become irrelevant when President Zuma 's term as ANC President ends in 2017 and as State President ends in 2019. The DA will dump him and continue defending white supremacy. 

The ANCWL calls all its members and supporters not to be drawn into ANC succession debate by Julius or any other person or formations. When the time is right, the ANC will open the discussions. Only the ANC structures will be eligible to take decisions in terms of who must lead the ANC.  Any person - Cde Nkosazana included that ANC members feel is capable to lead the organisation, his / her name will be discussed through the structures of the ANC and that will not be influenced by any other structure outside the ANC structures. 

The ANCWL supports the ANC leadership under President Zuma and the collective. Under the leadership of Cde Bathabile, the ANCWL stays united, resolute and an unshaken integral part of ANC. The ANCWL will continue to expose the wedge drivers and defend the unity and integrity of the ANC. 

Statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, Secretary General of the ANCWL, 26 December 2016

Response by the EFF:


27 December, 2016

The CIC Julius Malema is on a break this festive season enjoying his time with his family and the people of Seshego. Thus, he will not be entertaining any media enquiries regarding the irrelevant ANCWL nonsensical utterances, and neither will the EFF.