Guptas have been spying on Malema - EFF

Fighters say the state has also been monitoring its leaders' phone calls for a long time


Sunday, June 25, 2017

The EFF can confirm reports that indeed the Gupta's have been spying on the CIC Julius Malema. As an organization we have always known this and now the leaked emails have confirmed with evidence. We know that a private foreign family, the Guptas, has had access to the travel itinerary and ID number of a party leader and member of the South African Parliament. We cannot think of any other reason why they would spy on him, except with the hope to find him isolated and take his life. 

We say this because most of the trips that the media has written about were never publicly announced. We also know that it is impossible for the Guptas, on their own, to attain this information without the help of both Home Affairs and State Security. Thus, beyond the Guptas it is the state that is actually spying on the CIC. We know that they also illegally monitor his calls and have been doing so for some time. 

Furthermore, we are aware that the Guptas possess spying equipment from Russia which they brought illegally into the country. As an organization we are concerned about the safety of the CIC. Not so long ago, we have had to track a car that was following him around. 

What the Guptas do spying on CIC is not only criminal, but undermining to the generosity of this country that has welcomed them as foreigners. It is yet another hard evidence of why they must pack their bags and leave our shores. 

We shall be taking the evidence as found in the leaked emails to the Inspector General of Intelligence. We want to further warn the Guptas that we are also not going to sit by and allow them the leverage over our leader's life. They have no right whatsoever to spy on the EFF leadership and they must know that as EFF we are not scared of them. If they want our leader, we shall meet them toe to toe right at their door step and give them whatever it is they are looking for. 

The revolution will never take kind of any life threats to its leadership. From hence forth we shall reinforce and ready ourselves for anything because it is clear that confrontation is inevitable. If authorities will not act with decisiveness, they will leave us with no option but to defend ourselves with whatever revolutionary means possible.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 25 June 2017