Zuma is a threat to all of us

Stephen Mulholland says our President is an illiterate, innumerate, philandering, cunning, power and money hungry, would-be dictator

Who would invest in an organisation led by someone with a CV dotted with hundreds of charges of money laundering, corruption and other assorted and alleged crimes hanging over his head?

Further this leader was, ipso facto, found by a high court judge to have accepted bribes from another accused (a close friend) who was found guilty and sent to jail only to be mysteriously released on terminal health grounds but today enjoys his golf and a busy lifestyle? 

And who would invest in an organisation led by someone who, when before the courts (again) on rape charges, freely admitted that he had engaged in sex with a woman young enough to be his  daughter whom he knew to be HIV positive?

This outstanding citizen also impregnated the daughter of one his close friends, a soccer tycoon who apparently forgave him such trespass while costs for the upkeep of the illegitimate child went, no doubt, immediately on to the nation’s tab along with numerous other dependent children and at least four wives.

He displays his keen grasp of economics in this passage: “I am not a businessman or a professor but I am rebelling against (the idea that) what determines the value of a commodity is the law of supply and demand. I am against that definition. The value of a commodity is the labour time taken in production of that commodity. That’s what determines the value of a commodity.”

Oh, really, Prof? So those computer driven car factories in Europe, the USA, the UK, Japan, Korea and even your bosom pal China produce automobiles of no value as the labour value is just about nil? Oh, I get it; labour is of greater importance than human ingenuity.

Those chaps going into space, by your definitions, should be dragged up there by sweating labourers, should they? And those vast jets in which you cruise about the globe at our considerable expense are made by the sweat of labour rather than the ingenuity of man?

Give me a break.

He voluntarily, and curiously, recently chose to deny a reputed affair resulting in a now adult male child with one Dudu Myeni, who chairs the rabble known as the board of directors of South African Airways whose combined skills would not be sufficient to run a boy scouts club. This now adult ‘son’ apparently throws his weight about seeking preferential treatment as Zuma’s progeny.

This lady attempted to fool us into the notion that, if a South African company (shady as always is the case with our political operators), took upon itself the risks in the lease of aircraft costing billions then SAA (and thus the state) would not be liable for any currency risks.

Oh, I see, some fly by night Braamfontein entity, unknown to anyone, and whose CEO appeared both ignorant and confused, would assume currency risks on a multi-billion aircraft leasing deal on behalf of the state as we all know that SAA’s balance sheet would not support the purchase of a case of Coca Cola.

Myeni fought to the very death to have this shadowy BEE crowd placed in the middle of the transaction so as, doubtlessly, to allow millions to be creamed off.

It was reported in the M&G that “in a letter to the board, Ms Myeni names Quartile Capital, but ... CE and founder of Quartile, Modise Motloba said he had no dealings with SAA or Ms Myeni.

“In a letter written at the end of last month, Ms Myeni motivated to the board why Quartile should be appointed as an adviser on the Airbus transaction to swap 10 A320s for five A330s and that tender procedures be waived due to the urgency of the matter.

“Ms Myeni told board members that a meeting to discuss the matter was urgent because there had been disagreement over the Airbus swap deal which, despite having been agreed to by the board on April 21, was now ‘not fully understood or not fully supported’ by the board.

‘"There has been a development in which a South African third party has indicated that it wishes to make a funding proposal of (sic) the swap transaction,"’ the letter continued.

It stated that the new consortium was made up of private and state-owned financial institutions, which were not named, and that the board needed "to determine whether this might be in the best interests of SAA, and how best we can reduce costs with the … proposal".

Oh, yeah, madam. Then who would be liable for the currency risk? Father Xmas? Stick to your knitting, lady. She also runs the President’s private trust, to which donations are happily and keenly accepted.

Zuma readily displays his ignorance by declaring that the whole world would fit into Africa. What purpose such balderdash serves, other than to once again reveal his limitless ignorance, is unknown.

More important is that large swathes of this continent are run by merciless and long ruling dictators who let nothing stand in the way of personal enrichment for themselves and their families and other comrades in crime. He wishes to emulate these deplorable men.

Of the world’s 30 longest serving leaders (that is, dictators) 14 are in Africa.

They include Teodoro Obiang Nguema (Equatorial Guinea) with 34 years in the saddle, Angola’s Jose Eduardo dos Santos, another veteran of 34 years, our feckless neighbour, Robert Mugabe, also a member of the 34-year  club, Cameroon’s Paul Biya (32 years), Congo’s Denis Sassou Nguesso (30 years), Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni (28 years), Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso (27 years) and relatively junior at 23 years of unfettered rule and plunder we have Chad’s Idriss Debyb Itno.

It is this to this amoral club of despots that one imagines our own Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma would dearly wish to belong.

He hasn’t given up. One his ex-wives, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, who now runs the African Union, is being lined up to succeed him in 2017 and continue the enrichment of the Zuma clan and its coterie of shady compatriots such as the pushy and rapacious Gupta family and hangers on such as the useless Small Business minister, Lindiwe Zulu.

His grasp on power will also enable him to steer his way around the courts. There appear to be no limits to what his supporters will do to keep him if not in office, then in de facto control.

The ridiculous Ms Zulu has bizarrely accused business leaders of orchestrating, for their own financial benefit, the recent market turmoil which followed the irrational and potentially ruinous decisions by Zuma to conduct a disastrous and irresponsible merry-go-round with the delicate and sensitive post of Finance Minister.

Unilaterally, he appointed a total and utter nonentity, one Desmond (or something) van Rooyen whose business experience is limited to a stint behind the counter in a furniture store. He was ushered out of the dorp where he was the mayor and his constituents then burned down his house to show their pleasure at his departure.  

For your information, Madam Zulu, and that of your egregious colleague, Jesse Duarte, Deputy Secretary General of the ANC (sounds Stalinist, does it not?), such behaviour in financial markets does not in this age of instantaneous data transfer go unnoticed by highly skilled and well-resourced investigators in the USA, Switzerland, the UK and so on. Just ask those FIFA chaps. Our banking class are too smart to engage in such criminal behaviour and it is a disgrace that the ANC would even suggest it.

Zuma himself brought this market turmoil with its concomitant destruction of national wealth and, more importantly, of confidence in our country, upon us. Perhaps he’s proud in a perverse way. What single man could wipe R170bn off the value of our banking shares in a matter of hours? Even if he can’t count that is still real financial muscle.

Capital flight will continue, inflation will rise inexorably, unemployment, and with it crime, will fester on, the rand will struggle, our sovereign debt ratings will plunge, skilled folks will emigrate and all because we have a president who, aside from innate and cunning skills of personal survival, has zero qualifications to run a modern, sophisticated state such as ours . Or such as ours was.

Let us return to the question of who will want to invest here now. Surely we can assume that the longer Zuma stays in power the more damage he will do and people will be loath to invest here. He is an illiterate, innumerate, philandering, cunning, power and money hungry, would-be dictator.

I was once asked by an American to describe South Africa in a sentence. I replied: “How about Zimbabwe in slow motion?” Under Zuma the motion is no longer slow. The climax is near.

He is a threat to the future all of us, regardless of race or political leanings. For the sake of the Beloved Country, he must go.