Zuma's sidekicks are fundamentally anti-democratic – Save SA

Organisation to ensure legal assistance for those caught up in witch-hunts, and will take legal steps to protect protesters

While Zuma talks about democracy, his sidekicks are fundamentally anti-democratic 

7 May 2017

The Save South Africa campaign condemns Free State Premier Ace Magashule's attempts to punish public servants who protested against President Jacob Zuma at last week's aborted May Day rally in Bloemfontein.

The Premier's campaign to track down and act against people exercising their democratic rights is yet another example of the doublespeak that has become a hallmark of the Zuma administration.

It's telling that while Zuma jokes publicly about the fact that being booed shows the strength of our democracy, his sidekicks are themselves acting in the most anti-democratic way: scrutinising video tapes for suspects and asking government officials to pimp on their colleagues.

The Save South Africa campaign stands ready to seek to ensure legal assistance assistance for public servants who may be caught up in apartheid-style witch-hunts, and will take legal steps against Magashule if necessary to protect workers and protesters.

We will also continue to encourage people to boo Zuma wherever he goes, and to make sure he gets the message loud and clear: Zuma must go!

Given Zuma's increasing failures as a President, we predict that there will be more and more protests against him in coming months. We therefore encourage all protesters to be aware of their rights and to contact the Save South Africa campaign, their trade unions, progressive legal service organisations or the media should they need assistance.

We also have a guide to the rights of protesters available on our website: www.savesouthafrica.org as well as valuable guidance on the right to protest, produced by Right2Know.

Issued by Save South Africa civil organisation, 7 May 2017