Adriaan Basson's acrobatics treacherous - Fikile Mbalula

Minister condemns News24 editor for report on Danny Jordaan lawyering up over FIFA bribe allegations

Tell No Lies, Claim No Easy Victories

The Spokesperson of the Democratic Party, Adriaan Basson has embarked on a desperate and ludicrous political move to salvage the DA from impending defeat in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro at the ballot box tomorrow. His latest treacherous acrobatics is the concoction of venomous and unfounded allegations against Danny Jordaan (see News24 report here).

He and his cronies have been outsmarted by the able Mayoral candidate, a servant of the people and an indefatigable soldier in the crusade for democracy, non-racialism, non-sexism and equitable society. He has demonstrated the relevance of the ANC policies to the people. The People agree that he must lead all ofus to a better life for all.

The allegation that a warrant of arrest against comrade Danny Jordaan has been issued are figment of his own imagination. He and his DA masters and mistresses are being hit by the truth between their eyes. Danny Jordaan is unstoppable and he is leading the ANC to victory in that Metro and the enemies to peace are afraid.

We call on our people in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro not to be misled by a party apparatchik and a wolf cloaked in a sheep's skin. Go vote and we deliver on our manifesto covenant with you. As for the Wolf, he knows the truth is staring in his face and will soon unmask him for who he is and he will face the consequences of his devious actions.

Statement issued by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation South Africa, 2 August 2016