AfriForum to oppose UFS appeal

Alana Bailey says university will unnecessarily promote tensions and polarisation by trying to prove court wrong

AfriForum to oppose UFS appeal against language policy ruling

22 July 2016

In reaction to the announcement by the University of the Free State – that the latter plans to appeal against yesterday’s ruling by the High Court on the preservation of Afrikaans – AfriForum confirms that the University’s appeal will be opposed.

According to Alana Bailey, Deputy CEO of AfriForum, the University’s announcement comes as a disappointment. “The Court’s ruling against the UFS’s newly-accepted language policy makes it abundantly clear that multilingualism should be promoted. It emphasises the importance of respect for diversity, as well as the spirit of the Constitution that gives recognition to all communities. By attempting to prove the opposite, the University will unnecessarily promote tension and polarisation, which is inconsistent with what one would expect from academics on tertiary level.”

Bailey emphasises that AfriForum will defend the language rights of Afrikaans students at the highest level.

Meanwhile, AfriForum has requested the University by means of a lawyer’s letter to undertake not to implement the new language policy while the appeal is still is pending. If Management does not want to give this assurance, AfriForum will approach the Court with an urgent application for an interdict against its implementation to ensure that no Afrikaans student’s right to mother-tongue education is violated. 

Issued by Alana Bailey, Deputy CEO, AfriForum, 22 July 2016