Banks untrustworthy and can't be in charge of grants – ANCWL

Women's League says outsourcing SASSA payments to banks in SA will go against the call for radical transformation of financial sector

ANCWL statement on SASSA

17 February 2017

The African National Congress Women's Leargue (ANCWL) unashamedly rejects any proposal that the payment of Southern African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grants to be outsourced to one of the major commercial banks. 

The major commercial banks in South Africa have proven their untrustworthiness and greediness through various unethical behaviour which amongst others has been reported by the Competition Commission. It is the ANCWL's view that transformation of the financial sector cannot be postponed any further. Outsourcing the payments for SASSA grants to any of the major commercial banks in South Africa will be against the call for radical transformation of the financial sector. The ANCWL calls for the ANC led government to establish the State Bank as a long term solution to transform the financial sector. Which will inturn dismantle the monopolisation of the financial sector, the  ANC led government must also support establishment of wholy black owned banks with no less than 50 % of women ownership.  

The wedge-drivers and their stooges are creeping from ear to ear misleading the beneficiaries and the nation at large that there is a looming crisis in the payment of social grants. The narrative is driven by the defenders of monopoly capital who would want see SASSA outsourcing the services to one of the major banks in the country. The ANCWL's call to SASSA is for the agency to intensify its outreach activities countrywide, meet with social grant beneficiaries and bring them to confidence that the payment of social grants is not to be affected.

The ANCWL supporters and members will not support any proposal to outsource payments of SASSA grants to any of the major commercial banks in SA. Support to such plan will be a conscious sabotage to the radical socio-economic transformation agenda. 

Issued by Meokgo Matuba, Secretary General of the ANCWL, 17 February 2017