Campaign repairs potholes at cost of almost R2,5 million - AfriForum

Organisation says they originally planned to fix only 12 000 but soon saw more was needed and ended up filling almost 16 000 potholes

AfriForum repairs 15 990 potholes at almost R2,5 million

5 July 2016

The civil rights organisation AfriForum repaired almost 16 000 potholes across South Africa at a cost of almost R2,5 million during its national pothole month in May 2016. All branches partook in the campaign, and almost 640 tonnes of tar were used in the repairs. 

According to Marcus Pawson, Head of Local Government at AfriForum, the organisation initially planned to repair 12 000 at a cost of R2 million, but as the project developed, it soon became clear that more will be needed. 

Pawson says that the campaign has strengthened AfriForum’s dual strategy of self-do and being independent from government in communities.

“The strategy among other things entails AfriForum’s branches holding Government responsible for service delivery. Our branches have to ensure that communities become self-sufficient, among others through self-do initiatives. To achieve this, legal proceedings against municipalities are sometimes necessary.”

Pawson says that municipalities often react differently to letters of demands and legal action. “Some municipalities reacted positively to AfriForum’s demand before the organisation launched the campaign and either repaired the potholes themselves or offered their cooperation to the organisation. Legal action will be taken against municipalities who did not heed AfriForum’s demands, and all expenses will be claimed back.”   

Municipalities who reacted to AfriForum’s demands and repaired potholes spent almost R1,4 million to repair 5 638 potholes.  

“We trust that these and similar campaigns result in positive attitude changes in communities and an improvement in municipal service delivery, but also an increase in self-do projects,” Pawson concludes.  

Issuede by Marcus Pawson, Head: Local Government, AfriForum, 5 July 2016