City condemns despicable racial slurs by Matt Theunissen – Patricia de Lille

Mayor hands matter over to SAHRC saying people can't get away with racism

City condemns despicable racial slurs by Matt Theunissen

3 May 2016

In light of the utterly despicable racist comments made on social media by Matt Theunissen, I have referred the matter to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for further investigation.

I condemn these comments as there is no place for racism in our society. We are healing from the division and our painful past and we remain committed to fighting the scourge of racism and bringing about unity and inclusivity.

We remain committed to redressing the wrongs of the past and people like Matt Theunissen need to understand that we will not tolerate their racism.

Matt Theunissen has to understand that racism is hurtful and we live in a democracy where we are all equal and no one can discriminate, disrespect or infringe on anyone’s rights or dignity.

We cannot allow people to get away with making these derogatory remarks as there are laws and processes to ensure that racists are brought to book.

As part of the Inclusive City Campaign, we are mobilising the voices of the majority who are not racist to speak out and condemn all forms of racism and discrimination and to say: ‘Don’t let racists speak to for you’.

Issued by Zara Nicholson, Spokesperson for the Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, 3 May 2016