Counter-campaign aims to overshadow derogatory work of art – Solidarity

Movement aims to cover Dean Hutton's artwork with positive and constructive words which all South Africans can identify with

Counter-campaign aims to overshadow derogatory work of art – Solidarity   

17 July 2017

Trade union Solidarity today launches its campaign against the derogatory “F*** white people” artwork by Dean Hutton. The campaign aims to cover this ‘work of art’ – with positive, constructive words with which all South Africans can identify. 

This follows after Solidarity launched an online poll last week asking people what they thought of the now infamous F*** White People ‘artwork’. Thousands participated in the poll and about 85% indicated that the “artwork” offended them. Based on this outcome, Solidarity decided that an opportunity existed for a positive alternative to this artwork. 

According to Juran van den Heever, Head of Communications at Solidarity, the trade union believes this exhibition to be ill-considered in a time of extremely sensitive race relations in South Africa. “This ‘artwork’ shows division and does not deserve any exhibition space in the world of today,” Van den Heever said. 

Van den Heever argued that racial tensions in South Africa should not be inflamed even further; instead, ways should be found to show that we need not dwell in negativity as reflected by this ‘work of art’.

Solidarity needs your help to combat the negativity fuelled by this ‘artwork’. “We should all rather build together to improve the things of real importance in our country: better education, productive workplaces and safe communities,” Van den Heever said. 

For more information on the counter-campaign. Click Here.

Issued by Juran van den Heever, Head: Solidarity Communications , 17 July 2017