Joburg committed to serving people despite ANC disruptions – John Moodey

DA Gauteng leader says ANC disgruntled that their motion was rebuffed

DA-led Joburg committed to serving the people despite ANC disruptions

21 June 2018

The ANC joined the Joburg Council meeting today with the clear intention of disrupting the meeting. Undoubtedly, this has undermined service delivery and the efforts made by the DA-led multiparty government, to correct years of ANC maladministration.

The Speaker of Council was subsequently obliged to suspend proceedings until tomorrow, following the grave misconduct on the part of the ANC in Council. This is how the ANC tries to collapse governments in Gauteng.

The ANC was disgruntled that their motion to commence with an apparently corrupt expropriation transaction, was not tabled in Council today. However, the ANC was not at the programming committee where the decision not to include the motion, was taken.

Reports further suggest that ANC cronies stood to gain from the transaction in question.

It’s high time that the ANC starts working together with the multiparty government, in service of the people. It is time that they begin to follow the rules and put their needs aside for the sake of delivery. It is time that order prevails.

The DA-led City of Johannesburg is committed to serving the people of Johannesburg and to fixing the more than R170 billion service delivery backlog, that was left behind by the ANC.

Issued by John Moodey, DA Gauteng Leader, 21 June 2018