Zille: Delusional DA cowing behind freedom of speech – ANC WCape

Party says defiant Premier's legacy in the province is in ruins

Delusional DA cowing behind freedom of speech 

14 June 2018 

The ANC Western Cape again welcomes the South African Public Protector’s finding against premier Helen Zille’s tweets glorifying the ‘legacy of colonialism’ and says she has long passed her sell-by-date. She must go now before she is further humiliated.

The defiant Zille’s own legacy in the Western Cape is in ruins because of her continued defending the indefensible tweets and other pronouncements that brought the province and country into disrepute.

Despite her repeated apologies for her tweets on the so-called positive effects of the legacy of colonialism, she continues to defend her admission that it hurts people.

ANC leader of the opposition in the provincial legislature Khaya Magaxa says: “She clearly has no remorse. She tries to detract attention from the finding against her by cowing behind freedom of speech – which freedom is not absolute. In fact Zille keeps on digging deeper the pit she made for herself.

By deflecting attention onto the Public Protector, the DA and Zille clearly are illiberally not submitting themselves to our Constitution and the Rule of Law. They are not above the law, beyond reproach or untouchable. The Public Protector’s mandate is a legal duty to investigate ethics complaints.

It is astounding that the DA cheers when the very same act is used against its opposition, but comes out kicking and screaming when the DA is at the receiving end. It is also raw irony that the DA uses the same executive ethics act against other people and now they question it. All are equal before the law and that includes Zille.

Zille is bad and not fit to hold such high office. She has lost the confidence of her party that suspended her from all decision-making positions. She keeps embarrassing the people of this province and hurts more people across our nation now than with her initial tweets a year ago. She must go now!

Not even the intervention by her national leader Mmusi Maimane could save Zille from self-destruction. She is out of control. She is a rebellious person that continues to drag down the name, image and brand of the province. The ANC calls on the Western Cape legislature to speed up the process to hold Zille to account to censure her.”

The Public Protector found Zille violated the provisions of the Executive Ethics Code; her tweets harmed and impacted on the dignity of people, were offensive and insensitive to a section of the population, reopening a lot of pain and suffering of the victims of apartheid and colonialism - particularly considering the position of influence she holds; negative responses shows the divisions of the past are still not healed; she violated the code and Constitution’s preamble provisions; and her conduct constitutes improper conduct in terms of the Constitution.

Issued by Cobus Grobler on behalf of ANC Western Cape, 14 June 2018