FIFA World Cup 2010 bribery: Summon Sexwale - Solly Malatsi

DA MP says businessman's expressed concerns contradict govt's position to date on the $10m payment to Jack Warner and CONCACAF

FIFA bribery: Summon Sexwale to Parliament

17 June 2015

The latest statements by Tokyo Sexwale regarding the 2010 World Cup bribery allegations reinforce our call to summon former members of the Bid and Local Organising Committees (LOC) to account to the Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation (see BBC News report).

The DA will write to the Chairperson of Parliament's Sport Committee, Beauty Dlulane, to request that she summon Tokyo Sexwale, as well as other members of the Bid committee and the LOC to explain allegations that South Africa's 2010 Bid Committee facilitated bribes to secure the hosting rights for the 2010 World Cup.

Mr Sexwale, who was a member of both the 2010 World Cup Bid team and of the 2010 LOC, broke his silence and voiced his concern about the allegations of corruption arising from the US investigation into bribery allegations relating to the 2010 bid.

If the Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation are committed to getting to the bottom of the allegations surrounding the $10 million payment, they would summon Mr Sexwale and the other members of the bid committee and the LOC to appear before the Portfolio Committee.

Mr Sexwale's open concerns about the claims that the $10 million paid to the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) represent a major contradiction of government's position to date by a former member of the LOC.

We cannot have a situation where individuals continue to make public statements while the Portfolio Committee sits idly by. Mr Sexwale’s statement as former member of the LOC is exactly why we want the bid committee and the LOC rather than the Minister to appear before the Portfolio Committee.

Surely those involved in the bidding process and the organisation of the World Cup are best placed to shed light on the bribery allegations than the Minister, who has already tied himself in knots on this issue?  

We will continue to explore all parliamentary channels to ensure that former members of bid and local organising committee account to Parliament despite the ANC's blatant tactics to prevent this. 

Statement issued by Solly Malatsi MP, DA Shadow Minister of Sports and Recreation, June 17 2015