Jobs-for-cash cases in SAPS – Solidarity

Movement says there are inadequate career prospects for non-commissioned offices in police

Solidarity fights for favourable career prospects in the SAPS 

7 December 2017

In its report on the inadequate career prospects the South African Police Service (SAPS) offers to its non-commissioned officers (Constables, Sergeants and Warrant-Officers), trade union Solidarity paints a bleak picture. According to the report the unfair and non-transparent appointments made by the SAPS are self-destructing and citizens will pay dearly for it.

This comes after it has transpired that SAPS appointments are not dealt with in a transparent, fair and rational manner. Schalk de Bruin, head of Special Projects at Solidarity, expressed his concern about this issue, also stating that these ill-considered appointments offer very limited to no career prospects for SAPS members. “The SAPS also lacks processes to develop and retain institutional knowledge. While we will not see the consequences of this lack straight away, it does have a direct impact on service delivery. The deterioration of the SAPS is becoming more visible by the day,” De Bruin said.

According to De Bruin Solidarity will also place continued pressure on both the SAPS and POPCRU (The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union) to address the lack of a proper career path for police officials.  Should the SAPS proceed with its decision to promote members of the non-statutory forces, Solidarity will continue with its legal action to challenge the legality of such promotions. “Solidarity will not hesitate to take both the SAPS and POPCRU to task about the negative conditions of service they are discussing at the negotiating table on behalf of all members of the service. We will not think twice about challenging any irrational or unlawful decision, be it by the SAPS or by the Minister in the courts,” De Bruin warned.

According to De Bruin, in some instances positions are being sold unlawfully to members who do not have the necessary competence and experience to perform the vital duties required of an officer. Solidarity is calling on SAPS members who have proof of positions being sold to submit it to the trade union so the trade union can take the necessary action. “Solidarity will stand up for career-oriented members of the police service who are hard-working, qualified and who possess the necessary experience but whose careers are being limited due to political affiliation,” De Bruin summarised. 

Issued by Schalk de Bruin, Head Special Projects at Solidarity, 7 December 2017