Hawks confirm they’re investigating DA’s charges against Zuma – Mmusi Maimane

Party says they are another step closer to seeing Zuma face the consequences of his corruption

State Capture: Hawks confirm they’re investigating DA’s charges against Zuma

22 November 2016


People of Nelson Mandela Bay,

I am glad to be back here today to extend my gratitude to all those who voted for change in the past Local Government Elections just 100 days ago. I want to thank each and every resident of Nelson Mandela Bay who put their faith in the DA. We will not let you down!

Democrats, our work here has only just begun, that is, to cut corruption, create jobs, and deliver better services. And there is much work to do. Decades of mismanagement and poor leadership has resulted in a city riddled with cronyism and corruption, with whole departments rendered dysfunctional. We will not let you down in creating a clean, corruption free government. But the fight against corruption doesn’t start or end here.

As the DA, we are fighting corruption at every sphere of government. And this corruption is modelled by President Jacob Zuma. But I can assure you, he will not get away with it.

We are winning in the War on Corruption. I can publically confirm today that the Hawks will be investigating the DA’s corruption charges against Zuma relating to his role in State Capture.

This weekend, I received official confirmation from the Head of the Serious Commercial Crimes Unit at the Hawks, that the criminal charges I laid against Jacob Zuma last week will be investigated. I will be meeting with him within the next few days – on his request - as the investigation begins. This means we are another step closer to seeing Jacob Zuma face the consequences of his corruption.

These charges are in addition to the 783 charges of corruption which must be reinstituted as per the Supreme Court of Appeal, as well as the Nkandla corruption charges I laid in March 2014. I will be seeking clarity from the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) as to the status of these charges.

Corruption is the enemy which steals opportunity from our people. It steals jobs, healthcare, basic services, and the change of a better life.

Yet, we have a President who believes that corruption is a “Western paradigm” crime where there are “no victims”.

He could not be more wrong.

Ask the elderly woman from Cofimvaba who has waited over 20 years for a house, but due to corruption within the RDP housing list, she is still homeless.

Ask the small business owner from Soweto who struggles to make ends meet and cant employ young South Africans, because he is unable to win a government tender until he is connected to the few cronies in power.

Ask the family from Kwanobuhle who cannot obtain the medication required for their illnesses because their local clinic has a severe medicine shortage.

Ask the thousands of university students who are underfunded and cannot afford tuition fees, textbooks, travelling costs, and stationery.

Those are the real victims of corruption. Ordinary, everyday South Africans. That is who Jacob Zuma and the ANC steal from every day. And those are the South Africans we fight for every day, in the Courts, in Parliament and in communities.

As residents of Nelson Mandela Bay, you know all too well about corruption.

The previous ANC mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Danny Jordaan, was the epitome of a corrupt ANC cadre. From alleged $10 million FIFA bribes, to contracts to supply lightbulbs at R600 each, the people had enough of ANC corruption, and fired Danny Jordaan, replacing him with the DA’s Athol Trollip.

In just his first 100 days as Mayor, Athol Trollip has begun to address the scourge of corruption and mismanagement in the city. The Mayor recently launched an anonymous fraud and corruption line, directing calls to an independent forensic firm, seeking to root out municipal corruption.

It has to date received almost 50 anonymous tip-offs, with 80% of those resulting in investigations.

Major contracts which are fruitless and wasteful have been cancelled, and the city’s tender adjudication process will be opened to the public to ensure spending of public money is open and transparent.

The DA will continue to wage the war on corruption. Whether in government, or in opposition, we will use the Courts, Parliament, and the Public Protector, to ensure justice is  served and those who steal the people’s money are prosecuted.

Issued by Mmusi Maimane, Leader of the Democratic Alliance, 22 November 2016