Johann Rupert the ultimate face of white privilege – EFF

Fighters say this arrogant white Afrikaner sees nothing beyond his selfish racist white capitalist interests

EFF statement on Johann Rupert and his arrogance

5 December 2018

The EFF is pleased that finally the ultimate face of white privilege has been exposed for the whole country and our people to see. Johann Rupert is an arrogant white Afrikaner who sees nothing beyond his selfish racist white capitalist interests.

EFF has always warned about Johann Rupert, who is actually a President of whites in South Africa. We have told the country about him for many years.

Nevertheless, we commend all those blacks that confronted him, his racism and his arrogance. All black people now know who Johann Rupert is. They know who controls major wealth and business in on our land.

As the EFF, we do not take it lightly that Johann Rupert says when we come for him, he has Taxi people to protect him. This is a direct threat and it is no secret that white privilege has used some in the taxi business in the past to cause black divisions and black-on-black violence: all in the name of protecting white privilege.

It is obvious that EFF is a nightmare to Rupert and for that we are eternally proud. No one who protects and speaks in the interest of white privilege must ever sleep peacefully as long as EFF exists.

We call on black people to realize that they are on their own. It is embarrassing to see some blacks beg for recognition from an overtly, unapologetic white racist. No amount of appeal to the generosity of white arrogance will take us anywhere. Like Steve Biko said "black man you are on your own".

Issued by Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, Spokesperson, EFF, 5 December 2018