LGBTI UN vote: Govt violated Madiba's human rights policy - Stevens Mokgalapa

DA MP says SA plans to vote against creation of a watch dog to protect rights of LGBTI people across world

LGBTI UN vote: DA to call for a debate on violation of Madiba’s human rights policy

The DA will be requesting that the National Assembly debate the undermining of our nation’s human rights based foreign policy and the worryingly inconsistent stance of the ANC government on LGBTI rights.

Reports today indicate that South Africa will later today vote against the creation of a watch dog, set up to create awareness of and improve the rights of LGBTI people across the world.

The intention to vote to remove this watch dog sends a clear signal that South Africa does not support the promotion of and protection of LGBTI rights.

This is another giant leap away from our foreign policy which is meant to uphold and advance human rights, as envisaged by Nelson Mandela.

Earlier this year South Africa abstained from voting on the creation of this body. Botswana then made its intention to reverse the establishment of the watch dog in a draft resolution submitted to the UNHRC, which South Africa signed.

This is yet another example of how the ANC-led government is falling miserably short of its Constitutional obligations to defend human rights.

Recent decisions have set our country on the path away from the promotion of human rights, towards becoming a pariah state. These decisions include:

The intention to withdraw from the International Criminal Court;

Allowing a wanted war criminal, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, to leave South Africa without arresting him as was required by order of our own courts and our international obligations;

Voting against the UN resolution earlier this year on the “promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the internet” with countries such as China and Russia who do not have good track records on upholding human rights.

South Africa once fought for human rights both at home and across the globe. Sadly it appears that this is no longer the case and the ANC has abandoned its commitment to human rights. This deserves strong condemnation.

The DA implores the South African delegation at the UN to once again put the fight for human rights at the forefront of our foreign policy by not voting for the watch dog to be disbanded.

The DA will continue to fight for the promotion of human rights, at home and around the world.

Statement issued by Stevens Mokgalapa MP - DA Shadow Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, 8 November 2016