Mosque vandalism attacks foundation of constitutional democracy – FW de Klerk Foundation

Foundation stands with majority in expressing outrage at attacks on places of worship

Statement condemning recent targeting of mosques

11 January 2017

The FW de Klerk Foundation strenuously condemns the recent targeting of mosques in the Western Cape. The attacks on the Simon’s Town and Kalk Bay Mosques are an attack on the very foundations of our constitutional democracy, as provided for in Chapter 2 of the Bill of Rights that boldly asserts that “Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.”

The recent defacement and attacks on mosques stands in contrast to the sentiments and views of the majority of South Africans who place great value on religious respect and religious freedom. The Foundation stands with the vast majority in expressing outrage at the attack on places of worship and reverence. These attacks must be condemned but will not deter our collective commitment to building a tolerant, respectful and open society.

Issued by Theuns Eloff, Executive Director, FW de Klerk Foundation, 11 January 2017