NLC's decision to stop funding SPCA short sighted - Anton Alberts

FF Plus MP says this will only result in greater animal suffering, particularly in rural and poorer communities

Decision by National Lottery Commission to stop funding SPCA is short sighted

The decision by the National Lottery Commission (NLC) to no longer fund the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is short sighted and lamentable and will only result in great animal suffering, particularly in rural and poorer communities.

The SPCA announced in a media release that this decision will force the society to drastically reduce its free services, including the work it does in poor communities.

According to the SPCA, there is a serious need to help beasts of burden like donkeys, horses and oxen that are used for transport and to work the land in rural areas. The SPCA has been delivering this important service since its launch 62 years ago, but the service may have to be terminated if they are unable to get alternative funding. 

The National Lottery Commission announced that there has been a shift in its focus and that it will focus on “poverty relief” from now on.

The parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Trade and Industry oversees the National Lottery Commission and the FF Plus will ensure that the matter is placed on the agenda along with a request for the chairperson to have the Commission’s decision recalled.

A community’s standard of civilization is directly related to the way it treats its animals. Love between humans and animals and caring for animals have the power to bring healing to communities.

Albert Schweitzer once said that if you do not have compassion for all living creatures, you will never have inner joy. A society that turns a blind eye to the suffering of animals will indeed be a sick and broken society.

Statement issued by Adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus chairperson and parliamentary spokesperson: Trade and Industry, 23 February 2018