Nothing hidden about R5,7bn for SANRAL in MTBPS - Vusi Mona

Spokesperson says that for the first time cross-subsidisation has been allowed between toll and non-toll entities

Dear Editor,

Your report quoting the DA’s Manny de Freitas on the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement and SANRAL refers.

Mr De Freitas is wrong when he suggests that R5.7 billion for the roads agency was hidden in the MTBPS. 

Historically SANRAL has run its non-toll and toll portfolios as separate entities with no cross-subsidisation. However, in this financial year this was allowed for the first time, with R2.75 billion being transferred from the non-toll portfolio to the toll portfolio.

Because of non-spending by PRASA, an additional R3 billion was transferred from that entity to SANRAL and was similarly allocated to the toll portfolio. This means an additional R5.75 billion was allocated to the toll portfolio to make up the shortfall which occurred because of the refusal by many motorists to pay e-tolls.

But it is not hidden - it is right there for all to see.

Sincerely yours,
Vusi Mona
General Manager Communications: SANRAL