NUMSA responsible for its expulsion from COSATU - NUM Kimberley

Union says the only person on earth who is never wrong seems to be Irvin Jim himself

Numsa is responsible for its expulsion from Cosatu

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) Kimberley region is disturbed by the negative utterances and reckless statement made by comrade Irvin Jim General Secretary of Numsa about the NUM after it was expelled from Cosatu. 

Numsa is responsible for its expulsion and it now blames NUM, SACP, ANC and its former president Cedrick Gina of being behind its expulsion from Cosatu.  The big challenge with Numsa is that every person, everyone and every affiliate who disagree with them is their enemy or enemy of the workers. The only person on earth who is never wrong is Irvin Jim himself.  He cannot be corrected, he is bitter, angry and nobody can advise him.

The decision to expel Numsa was not taken by the NUM. It was taken by the Special Central Executive Committee meeting of Cosatu.  We want to remind comrade Irvin Jim that he gambled with the membership and ordinary members of Numsa now he must take responsibility and show leadership. He must stop pointing fingers to other people.

He must desist and focus on his blunders and leave the NUM and its members alone.

Statement issued by Cornelius Manhe, NUM Kimberley Regional Secretary, and Neo Orlyn, NUM Kimberley Regional Chairperson, November 10 2014

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