NWest health crisis: Urgent, practical intervention needed – DA

Tutu Faleni says strike is entering its third week now

NW Health Crisis: Urgent, practical intervention needed

16 May 2018

The Democratic Alliance in North West demands urgent, tangible interventions by the national government into the state of healthcare in the province.

While President Cyril Ramaphosa is currently travelling overseas, the healthcare strike is entering its third week now. Communities and especially ill residents had enough of cheap lip service. Patients need care, healthcare practitioners and medicine.

While the ANC is still protecting Supra and other culprits who managed the province to the ground, our communities are suffering. We cannot simply wait on the ANC any longer. Their secret reports, red tape and lack of response are to the detriment of our communities.

Practical action is needed as people need access to proper healthcare and medication. A total shut down of all healthcare is looming here.

We need pro-active and concrete plans like staffing and medicine. The ANC government should shift their energy to come up with solutions to ensure no further loss of lives.

We had a meeting with the Public Protector in Mafikeng yesterday and it is clear we are in dire need of intervention. Healthcare is a Constitutional Right.

Despite the political influences and unrests, the following needs to be addressed:

Poor supply and utilization of health practitioners (not filling posts);

Absence of budget to provide for ongoing maintenance of hospitals and clinics;

Below-standard and poorly equipped emergency medical services; and

Procurement, supply and delivery of chronic medication (this challenge still persists).

The Democratic Alliance in the North West Province will do everything possible to ensure that the North West Department of Health accounts for poor delivery of health services in the North West Province. That people and companies operating in the North West Province health sector who have acted unlawfully should face the full might of the law.

The time for change is now – change only a DA-led government can bring.

Issued by Tutu FaleniDemocratic Alliance Spokesperson on Education, 16 May 2018