We had nothing to do with hoax of HuffPost - CDE

Anne Bernstein says Marius Roodt's resignation has been accepted with immediate effect

Not in our name

20 April 2017

The CDE learnt yesterday that one of its research staff wrote the article submitted to Huffington Post and printed by them under the pseudonym of Shelley Garland, entitled Could it be time to deny white men the franchise.

CDE had absolutely no knowledge of this article and had nothing to do with it. 

This was done by an individual and not in our name.

This kind of activity contradicts everything we stand for, is completely contrary to CDE’s media policy and our ethos as an organisation.

We have spent the past 22 years committed to promoting facts in public discourse and will not be party to any undermining of the integrity of media institutions.

He has offered his resignation and we have accepted it with immediate effect.


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Issued by Ann Bernstein, Executive Director, Centre for Development and Enterprise, 20 April 2017