COSATU welcomes Nicolas Maduro's victory

Federation says it hopes victory in Venezuela presidential election will mean continuation of Hugo Chavez's policies

COSATU welcomes Nicolas Maduro's victory in Venezuela

The Congress of South African Trade Union congratulates Comrade Nicolas Maduro on his victory in yesterday's Venezuelan Presidential election.

We hope, and are confident, that this win for the United Socialist Party, although very narrow, will mean a continuation of the progressive policies of the late and much lamented President Comrade Hugo Chavez, and that the new President will make sure that the country's state-owned oil resources will still be used to improve the lives of the working class and the poor.

COSATU was concerned that a victory for the right-wing opposition candidate, Henrique Caprilles, could have led to neo-colonialist policies in the interests of his US-based allies, and to allowing multi-national monopolies to get their hands on Venezuela's oil. For that reason we condemn Caprilles' call to recount the votes to try to reverse the decision of the people. 

This is not just a victory for the Venezuelan people, but for all working-class and poor people the world over, particularly in the global south, where the search for genuine alternatives to neo-liberal capitalist development is more pronounced.

It continues the rich legacy of the Bolivarian revolution in that part of the world as we can see the advances being registered in Cuba, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Nicaragua and in various other parts of the world.

Statement issued by Patrick Craven, COSATU national spokesperson, April 15 2013

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