Sparks might fly where ANC loses power – AfriForum

Organisation tells communities to be aware of their safety during election process

Sparks might fly where ANC loses power; communities must safeguard themselves – AfriForum

1 August 2016

AfriForum warns communities to be particularly aware of their safety during the election process, especially in areas where the ANC, according to predictions, could possibly lose control.

“The market research group, Ipsos South Africa, made accurate predictions with previous elections and has indicated again this year that the ANC could possibly be overtaken by competing parties in some areas. Countrywide unrest and conflicts are expected in these areas in particular, and thus it is important that people act in a prepared and responsible manner on election day as well as the coming weeks,” said Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety.

Cameron also said that the unrest in June of this year, during which ANC groups set alight busses and buildings among other things because they are opposed to the nomination of Thoko Didiza as ANC mayoral candidate for the Tshwane metro council, is a further indication that sparks will most probably fly should the political party be deprived of power.

“AfriForum will mobilise its neighbourhood watches to assist the police – as in the past – where there is a shortage of capacity.”

The organisation compiled seven safety tips for election day (3 August):

1.    Park your vehicle at a safe place where it can be supervised.

2.    Avoid voting stations where disturbances are taking place.

3.    Avoid conflict or confrontation in voting queues.

4.    Try to arrive at your relevant voting point early.

5.    Try to go vote with someone.

6.    Report any intimidation.

7.    Report any incidents on the AfriForum app: AfriForum-verkiesingswaghond.

Issued by Ian Cameron, Head: Community Safety, AfriForum,1 August 2016